To all Freedom Fighters #occupywallstreet , #OccupyTogether , #OWS, please spread Message from #Yemen for a shared event

25 أكتوبر

Fellow Freedom Fighters,

As Dark forces try to push for WW3 and as we sit on the brink of the engineered clash of civilization, your movement is a bright light in the darkness.  we in Yemen see hope of a better future as you join us in rejecting violence to seek a better world based on compassion and decency.  We salute you!

I am writing you because we want to tell you about a young teenager named AbdRahman who ran away from home to see his father whom was reported killed by a drone, only to be blown away by another drone.  This beautiful 16 year old will never smile again, nor will his cousin killed with him…  The boys crime apparently was being Anwar Awlaki’s son…

And the same media that vilifies you and us, tells us how great this is and how cost effective this is.  Is it really?  Imagine if the money for this drone was used to build a school, imagine if the money was used to keep a family from being kicked out of their home, imagine if this money was used provide clean running water to a village?

How is the use of Drones acceptable? Scores of innocent men, women and children have been killed by Drones in Yemen.  And in the US, what has become of your economy and quality of life?  When will these drones be deployed to your cities?

We are planning a vigil in remembrance of these beautiful kids killed in the prime of their youth.  Will you join us?

Can we share banners and march together and show we are one even though Oceans separate us?

If so, please lets coordinate.  No message could be stronger to the agents of doom than this solidarity between the protestors in Yemen and the protestors in the US to say we are one and we will not be used as fodder for the 1%’s machinations against humanity.

With respect!

Tarek Alaini
Kitabhukm (at) ymail (dot) com

Awlaki Family Press Release:

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